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Sometimes in the middle of an ordinary life, love hands us a fairytale…


In all the weddings we’ve done, this was our first pink wedding dress! And it was STUNNING! It just made the sunset photos. This ceremony was sweet and the reception was all fun! We love Honeymoon Island for it’s diversity in landscapes and remote feel. We had a perfect low tide that exposed all the rocks on the beach and allowed for some visually interesting shots. This couple was all energy. They were funny, quirky and sweet. You could see the admiration they had for each other… and it made our job so easy! We especially loved the vintage car and cotton candy. 🙂



Honeymoon Island wedding photographyPINIMAGE

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You are the Key West to my Heart

Lashes Photography had the opportunity to visit a multitude of incredible venues in 2013, however one does stand out to us. Hawks Cay Resort is located on sleepy Duck Key, tucked between Key Largo and Key West. Aside from the gorgeous blue water and dolphin swimming experiences, the resort itself is beautiful and you can’t help but relax. To top it all off, the couple we were working with was ADORABLE. We felt like part of the family. Now don’t get me wrong, it was hot. The kind of hot where foreheads are dabbed every few minutes. So summer brides, don’t forget your groom will be roasting in his suit and will need a rag. Trust me, you don’t want to look sweaty in your wedding portraits. Luckily, this bride was totally prepared! The first look took place on a dock. The bride stood out on the dock back to the groom. The groom walked through a gate and midway down the dock, the bride turned to see him. WOW did the fireworks follow!

Hawks Cay wedding on Duck Key.PINIMAGE

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These feelings won’t go away…

There were SO many things I loved about this wedding and this couple. They were genuine and raw. The emotion was high and the love was  intense. <3 This couple’s style was AWESOME. They cast formalities aside and went for fun. The festivities began early and ended late as this Post Card Inn wedding. This resort on St. Pete Beach is beautiful to shoot at. The historic… if you are from St. Pete Beach… bar out back is not to be missed. The style of the resort could be described as retro-surfer. It was early April and it looked like Spring Break was in full swing. Keep that mind when going for a beach wedding on fabulous St. Pete Beach. It is not just a destination for weddings. Luckily, the ceremony took place just off from the beach goers. The vows were private and hand written. The officiant was a close friend, with a great sense of humor. The night ended with dancing on the beach to an acoustic guitarist. What could be better?

St. Pete Beach wedding photographyPINIMAGE

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If music be the food of love… play on

We love weddings at the Rusty Pelican because it is so versatile. The gazebo offers garden elegance while the small shore area offers waterfront views of the bay. The rock faces add texture and the large fireplace adds warmth. The different ballrooms can be dressed up and down. And the view… love the sweeping views of Tampa Bay! This couple had all the luck on their side. The weather cleared just in time for a dry ceremony, family photos and bridal party photos out by the gazebo. Once we started the bride and groom photos, the skies opened up. We got a few moody photos thanks to the overcast skies, but then had to move under cover. We had the best seat in the city to watch a lightning show that night. The rest of the evening was full of dancing, dancing and more dancing.

Rusty Pelican Wedding PhotographyPINIMAGE

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Today I married my best friend…

Sunken Gardens is beautiful year long, but spring is my favorite time for weddings here! There are so many nooks for photos. We did one of my favorite first looks with this couple. The bride stood at the base of a curved slope. The bride’s face was illuminated with anticipation as the groom’s steps grew closer. Finally, the bride turned to see her groom. I love seeing how mushy couples get at the first look. There are ‘oohs’ and ‘awws’ and compliments abound. First looks are great for photos but also for taking the edge off. Walking down the aisle with all eyes on you can be nerve-wracking for some brides. Don’t forget about the groom… standing up in front of an audience can cause sweaty palms too. This way both the bride and groom are pumped full of relief and endorphins at seeing one another.

Sunken Gardens Wedding photographyPINIMAGE

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Carlos and Jen were planning a fall, harvest themed affair. She talked about burnt oranges and tying the knot under a big oak tree. One place that screams fall in Florida (not a huge season here) is Hillsborough River State Park. The park is huge and full of mature oak trees… a far cry from the typical tropical palm tree look. It also has an amazing suspension bridge that makes for great photos. But that wasn’t all they had in store for us. This artistic couple came up with the idea of showcasing their painting in their engagement session. So naturally, the only option was to have a paint fight!

Hillsborough River engagement photographyPINIMAGE

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Write me a love letter

Another gorgeous spring Sunken Gardens wedding! This couple has a swagger about them. They are totally in tune with each other. There were times when it seemed like they were the only people in a crowded room… and it was awesome! They put a spin and style on every aspect of their wedding. The programs, wine ceremony and the MUSIC were all unique. They were all big hits with us, as I think David Bowie’s Let’s Dance should be played more often at weddings. 🙂 I especially loved the vintage typewriter where guests were asked to share some words of wisdom with the bride and groom… on CUSTOM STATIONARY! Does it get cuter?

Sunken Gardens wedding photography by Lashes PhotographyPINIMAGE

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This was a challenging wedding on Honeymoon Island. It was super windy and sand was swirling everywhere. It was cold for February, but the beautiful white tent on the beach sheltered the reception from the elements. The stringing lights in the tent adds a great whimsical ambiance. This couple braved the cold and wind for portraits. The weather made some beautiful grays and added a moody element to the photos.

Honeymoon Island wedding photography. Honeymoon Island wedding photographer. PINIMAGE

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